How and when you communicate with your players is a vital element of any marketing communication plan. iQU assists with the messaging, communication points and execution to your players.

The services we offer will allow you to increase engagement with players which leads to increased play time and ultimately spend in the game.


Tell your story to the world's top influencers. iQU helps you plan and execute your influencer marketing strategy. We advertise your message through the influencer on dedicated gaming platforms by established names and loved critics.

iQU takes over all your influencer needs and works with +60 influencer networks and its own influencer database. We build long tail cross-device branding campaigns but also offer high impact performance based influencer marketing. For clients with self-serve needs, we offer special deals which we have in place with the most proficient platforms.



Public Relationships (PR) is vital when creating awareness and shaping the opinions of your audience. The key element of PR is to have a great relationship with your target media. iQU involves in constant discussions with journalists, influencers, and commentators to ensure we have our fingers on the pulse.

iQU have strong relationships with media outlets across the gaming industry.

Top gaming journalists writing for the world’s best gaming portals create a “hype” around your game



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IQU is bringing to you scalable, trackable and transparent influencer marketing without hassle. A unique combination of technology, people and execution leading toward the best performance of your campaigns.


Scalable, trackable and transparent influencer marketing.


  • TheSkies
    Case Study: The Skies

    Public Relations

    Client: Eforb

  • Asta
    Case Study: Asta

    PR Distribution

    Client: Webzen